Printemps Paris wears Prada for Christmas




The Christmas Wears Prada, at least in Paris, where the department store Printemps has chosen the Italian brand as a partner to decorate the store for Christmas 2013 that will be unveiled in early November.

Meanwhile, it is anticipated that ” the facades of Printemps Haussmann will be the backdrop to the magic of Christmas Eve when , aboard his 16-meter sled driven by the legendary reindeer , Santa Claus will take off into the sky amid a cloud of sparkling stars and snowflakes of snow and slide down the arms and the nodes of the royal house of Savoy, emblems Prada, draped on the facade . ” The ‘ joyful obsession ‘ Christmas Prada and Printemps will then take shape in the eleven windows overlooking boulevard Haussmann and the lobby, where you will find a reinterpretation of the historical Prada store in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in…

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